Light in color or having little color.
Become pale in one’s face from shock or fear: “I paled at the thought”.
A wooden stake or post used as an upright along with others to form a fence.
adjective.  wan – pallid – sallow – faint – dim – colorless – mealy
verb.  blanch – fade – turn pale
noun.  stake – picket – bound – limit – pile – paling – boundary

I occasionally have late night chats with my good friend, Wes. The seven hour time difference accounts for most of the late night chats – more late for me than for him. Otherwise, they would be mid-afternoon chats that would most undoubtedly hinder our progress in life….whatever that may be.

These chats range from anything – including theology, politics, religion, sports, youtube videos, relationship drama. You name it, we’ve probably talked about it. What does it all  mean though? We have a chat, I go to sleep, he finishes his day; maybe we reflect on the conversation at a later time, maybe we don’t. It’s all just words. There’s no action.

It was reflection on my own self-worth and what I’m contributing to the greater good of mankind and my lack of purposeful action to change the things that I could that prompted me to start Pale Existence.  It’s not to say that our existence is in fact pale, but rather to ponder whether by our own acts of greed and immorality we have devalued that existence.

Pale or not, if I owned a paint store – and I do not – I would find value in even the most pale of colors. So begs the question, “is a pale existence only a few drops of color away from a meaningful, world-changing force?”.


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