Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer, oh Internet Explorer, how you trouble me.
I build good things for you and you tear them down.
I give you good things to eat and you spit them out.

Like an infant wanting so bad to walk.
We hold your hand and help you along.
We forget just how frail your little legs are.
We let you go and down you fall.

We smile and pat your head.
Look how far she’s come along, we say.
She’s growing up so nicely.

We dress you up with fun sayings like “Edge”
And help you back to your feet.
We turn around for only a second, it was just one second.
Down you go again.

You keep us up late at night
Worrying that you may never learn
She’ll get it, they say
We grit out teeth and go our way

You cost us a fortune with things you break
Is it bad I wish you’d just go away?
Everyone loves you, and so you stay

We’ll keep building and hope it’s okay.

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