Infinite Beauty

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Spoken Word

What is beauty that satisfies?
What is water that quenches?
What is “it” that we long for?
That which we seek?
The thing that itches inside that we can never scratch?
Where does the motivation come from that pushes forward?
One more step…one more crawl…
The drive to search one more place, to do that which seems impossible?
Is it the search for beauty?
Is it that which provokes emotion?
Is it the longing for the unattainable?
When is it filled?
When is it satisfied?
The longing…the hunger….the thirst…
Can I drink the cup that never runs dry?
Can I drink the cup that satisfies?
Can I see the unseeable?
Can I speak to that which needs a word spoken?
Can I break the unbreakable?
Can I mend the unmendable?
Can I fill the unfillable?
Can I resist the irresistible?
Am I aligned?
Are our paths crossed and intertwined or merely parallel?
Am I possessed or merely a possession?
Can the infinite fill the finite?
Can I be infinite beauty?

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