In the beginning was the Word

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As always, most of my posts are late night thoughts. Many times they do not necessarily reflect my true views, but are rather a thought process.

Had a chat with a friend the other night. They almost always take some road down religion lane. I think often times he brings things up to provoke a reaction; that is part of the joy of conversing with him.

We talked about God and monotheism, what my beliefs were relating to God. If you are a close friend and we’ve talked at any great lengths about my beliefs, you’ll find my views of God to be very complex. An outsider who does not know me, might mistakenly say I bordered on agnosticism. I’d like to write more about my thoughts on God and His role in our lives and the galaxy at a point in the future. Tonight, I’d like to write out some random thoughts on Jesus and His role.

Christians claim him to be the Son of God. Some might go so far as to say that Jesus was always God’s Son. That is not my view. I have always thought Jesus to be a part of the God head. God the Father as the head. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to make up the Godhead. Three distinct individuals with three very different roles.  So that’s the basis of my belief. Here is where my mind wanders….

What if Jesus did not exist in our likeness form prior to coming to earth. The Bible talks about Jesus as being the Word. It also references the Word in this way, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” What if the word Logos there refers to the actual spoken word of God. One could argue that at this point, Jesus did not exist, but simply in essence was a thought of Gods waiting to be spoken into existence.

Genesis says, “Come let us make man in our own image.”  Many believe this to be a reference to the trinity. There is no basis for this other than to point out that there are other beings that are of the image of God, if we could so quantify Him.

Perhaps this reference to more than one being implies the Holy Spirit only. One could gather that when God wanted to save man from their sins so he could have communication with them freely, God spoke the Word into existence and impregnated Mary, thus this would have been the first time Jesus would have been in existence, either physically or spiritually.   He would still be God’s only begotten Son, it would simply be through man, and not that He always was…other than having always existed as the Word, just not spoken yet.

This would create an interesting dynamic in that it would allow to see how God could allow Jesus to go through what he did (this ties into some of my agnostic views), yet still love Him as His own. Jesus would be human and God – fully human, and fully God. It also gives light into sections where Jesus says, “why do you call me good? No one is good except God the Father.”  There is a mutual respect for His Father and recognizes His place as a Son, rather than being God one in the same.

I’m not sure what the significance would be if you believed one way or the other. For myself, I think it helps to understand how Jesus, being God, could…or even want to intercede for us before God – who I honestly believe would rather wipe us out sometimes and be done with this little project of His.

Whenever I think about things like this, I always think about space, and how absolutely insanely massive it is. It make me think how big God must be and even if He does have billions of other “worlds” and galaxies and multiverses, to think that he might actually care about me, or that He even cared about me enough to allow angels to work on my behalf, it is absolutely humbling to me.

I know that this post took some huge liberties and assumed that you believed some things already, for that…well, you either believe or you don’t.

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