I wonder – Easter Poem

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I wonder if when He was young, He dreamed of things to come.
I wonder if when He played, He pondered His fate, no longer delayed
I wonder if when in school, He told others, He made all the rules.
I wonder if when rabbis read, He mouthed the words the prophets said.
I wonder as a younger lad, the pain ahead made Him sad.
I wonder if when scraping knees, He thought of blood for you and me
I wonder if the younger Him, ever thought of me back then,
and knew that it was me He’d save, from all my filthy, wretched ways.
I wonder if He truly grasped, the Plan with which He’d been tasked.
I wonder how hard it was, turning thirty just because,
this was it, the last short while, three more years, and all was final.
I wonder what that must have been, to have all friends flee and then,
to stand before the ones who said, crucify! Release Barabbas instead.
I wonder when thorns pierced head, how he still loved as He bled.
I wonder how when flesh ripped and tore, He just forgave, all the more.
I wonder how hard it was, submitting to God’s will above.
I wonder if on the tree, again He thought of you and me.
I wonder about His final breath, the Son of Man submissive to death.
I wonder what the angels thought, three days, the Word was not.
I wonder about that battle scene, between Satan and our Lord and King.
What a fight it must have been, when Jesus conquered all of sin.
He has risen, He’s alive! Forever by God’s side.
Powerful and mighty is He, all enemies submit to Thee!
He’s made a way for us all, to return to God, overcome the fall
He’s torn the veil, and set us free, from all our immorality.
In Him alone is the power to save, nothing can stop Him, not even the grave!
Believe in Him, He paid the price, a ransom for your very life
He covered all our sin, and gave new life again.
He took my place on Calvary, I worship Him eternally.
I wonder no more it is done! Jesus has saved me, in Christ I’ve won!
For when He rose up from that grave, my life, my soul, He did save.
I wonder no more, all is new. Jesus Christ reigns, this is true.
I’m confident that forever I’ll be, with Him in eternity
Until that day up in the sky, I’ll serve my King until I die.
For now, I’ll do as He has said, His story, I’ll forever spread.
I gladly lay all at Your feet, for with You there is no defeat!
Oh my Master, You reign supreme, over all creation, every being!
You are the Victory and the Way, my lips forever, they will say
praise You Jesus, Lord and King! You reign above everything!

A special thanks to everyone who contributed to this poem — Roger Anderson, Amy Carrillo, Joe Carrillo, Luann Carrillo, Marysol, Steve Rogers, Todd Applebee, Billy Shields. You are constantly challenging me, and making me stop to consider what I believe; making me go to the Word of God that I might fully understand what He has said. In doing so, you make me a stronger follower of Christ, and obedient to His call.

While this poem is written from the first person, they are not necessarily things that I personally wonder about. It is written as if another writer were to ponder them.  There is one thing that makes me wonder and it’s a line I had to take out as I could not find a good place for it and that is: “I wonder what God’s hug was like, to embrace His Son, Jesus Christ.” After Christ was resurrected, and standing before His Father, I wonder what that moment was like, for His Dad to look at His Son, to pause for a moment, and then run and embrace each other. What would it have been like to be in the heavenly realm to see the joy on the Father’s face. As all the angels rejoiced. What a site that must have been. None of that is Biblical, by the way, it is just my wonderings.

The first part of this poem, gives the impression that Jesus may not have known everything while on earth. While this is a debated topic because it is said He was fully man and fully God, I’ll give my viewpoints here. When a child is born between two humans, we say that the child is fully human because both parts were fully human. However, that does not mean that when the child is born, the child fully understands or knows everything that their father knows. The father of that child, gives the child grace and imparts knowledge and wisdom into that child. The father does not impart everything he knows — whether general knowledge or the knowledge of right and wrong — into that child immediately. When the child is fully mature, he may resemble his father because he has been taught by his father. If you have seen a child, who directly mimics his father, then you can say that in the same way, you have also seen his father for the child is a mirror image of his father. The Bible says in Luke 2:40 “And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him.”, and again in Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Some will argue what this means, but we also find Matthew 24: 36 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” While the Father has imparted most everything into the Son so that Jesus could say in John 14:9 “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?”, Jesus was still the Father’s Son and not fully knowledgeable of all things. So the question arises in the writer’s mind of the poem, “I wonder when He knew…”

In similarity, the question arose about Jesus being submissive to the will of the Father in Heaven. In Luke 22:42 Jesus says, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” Christ, being human, had to submit His will and desires to the Father’s will above. This is important to understand. We cannot live our lives as Christ did, unless we understand submission to His will, yes, even submission unto death.

Another line that brought questioning was, “I wonder what the angels thought, three days, the Word was not.” This is not to say that the Word (or Jesus) did not exist for three days. More specifically, this verse could have ended, “the Word in flesh was not.” The point being that Jesus did die. The λόγος (Logos) of God (the spoken word or the expression of God) in human form, was killed. Matthew 26:53 say, “Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?” While the next verse clearly states that Jesus had no intentions of doing this, I imagine an army of angels “on call” so to speak. To have the Word —which at the very thought, expressed itself as the spoken Word and created galaxies — manifest itself in the physical, and now be killed in human form and be in a battle scene in the spiritual with heaven’s enemy, must have been quite a sight for the angels.

There is much here that I’d like to say about the topic of sin, but it demands more than a few lines and so I’ll address it in another format one day. A few lines in the poem were changed to make it more “user-digestable.” But I want to make the point, so there is no confusion, that even though I state, “He covered all our sin” this does not give us free-license to continue sinning. While that in itself may seem confusing, I hope to make it clear for you when I address sin in another post. In short, Christ paid a great price for you to save you from being a slave to sin, and we have all sinned. We are now slaves to Christ as He has purchased us with His life. He does not force us into submission, but He does not tolerate that which He came to abolish in His Kingdom either. The question of grace  and mercy will immediately come to mind for those who call themselves believers in the twenty-first century. I hope to make clear the wonder the God’s grace and mercy when I talk about sin. But to lead with today’s understanding of grace and mercy without further explanation, is to give a license to sin, and that is not what the One, True, Living, Righteous, Holy Father God is about.

I hope this poem blesses you this Easter, and that it is a reminder of all that Jesus Christ has done for you! Praise our Lord and King!

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