Google removes video that pokes fun at Mohammed

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I applaud Google’s decision to block video that mocks Mohammed from Egypt and Libya…I’m sure soon to be Yemen.

Not matter how obtuse someone’s views are, they should still have the right to their opinions and be able to express them.

My deepest sympathies go out to the family of the Ambassador in Libya and his colleagues.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t an American embassy considered American soil? Wouldn’t invading an embassy be the same as invading our home country? Just a side thought.

These protestors are terrorists. They are trying to insite fear in people that says, “If you make fun of our religion, we’ll hurt you.”

I just don’t understand the mentality that says, if you make fun of my god, I’ll kill you. Have I lost all honor? I think I’m just more of the type that would feel sad for you to make fun of someone else’s G[g]od in a real condescending way. SNL is an exception :) I’m also confident that if God was offended, He could take care of Himself. Yet, these people feel the need to defend their god as if he is not strong enough. I should insert a note here and say that the underlying basis according to CNN is not a poking fun of Allah, but rather that Mohammed’s face was displayed (which is supposedly against the Koran, though Iran, Asia, and Turkey have displayed him for centuries) and then the video showed him to be vile.

They are such a conspiracy driven society. I’m sure most of them have not even seen the video that are protesting. It certainly doesn’t help that it was an American-Israeli that created the video…just fuel for the fire. Their hatred for Jews is uncanny.

Calm down people. If you don’t want to see Mohammed’s face, then don’t watch the video. Everybody’s beliefs get made fun of at some point, it hurts, sure, but you are not an exception. The mass majority of people have never seen this video and could care less about it. You are letting one man…one single person…get the better of you and make you look like fools.

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