Bad Apple Money

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Years ago, I had the privilege of working with some pretty wealthy people…and some that pretended to be wealthy. While I never knew for sure what their total net worth was, I began to be able to pick out the ones that were truly wealthy and those not so much.

I call it my Bad Apple Money theory and it goes like this: Those that truly have wealth and not a care financially are some of the nicest, caring people in the world; those that only pretend to have great wealth have a tendency to micromanage, be stressed, and create stress for others.

As I continue to meet people of means (or lack thereof) I find my theory continually holding true. I find it especially interesting when one starts to lose money who once had financial security but has surpassed that threshold — each person has their own — where they begin to feel the pressures of life. It’s a sad picture. I imagine one dangling over a cliff holding on to a fraying rope with a support group of friends and family trying to pull them up. The dangler continues to kick and struggle and yell at this support group making it impossible for the support group to pull the dangler up.

As you inch closer to edge trying to help, you yourself will succumb to the pressure and begin to create stress for those around you. Don’t be left hanging onto the rope when everyone else let’s go.

While my theory pertains to money, these bad apples exist in every facet of life. They are infectious and will suck your happiness away without you knowing it. Learn quickly to identify them and stay clear.

Get rid of the bad apples in your life and start enjoying a healthy harvest!

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